Binance Bullish Against SEC: Netflows Exceed $521M

  • In the last 24 hours, Binance recorded a netflow of $521 million.
  • At press time, the exchange’s total balance across different chains is $51.2B.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance had been through one of the worst turbulent outflows in the past week due to the SEC lawsuit. Reportedly, the exchange remarkably recorded a positive netflow of $521 million, as per data from the Web3 analytics tool 0xScope.

Binance Total Portfolio Balance (Source: 0xScope)

In the last 24 hours, Binance witnessed an inflow of $1.37 billion and dominated the outflow of $829.9 million. This increase in inflows eventually confirms the fact that Binance regained the confidence of traders and investors. Most of the assets were held on the Ethereum blockchain, followed by Tron, Bitcoin and BNB Chain.

Chain Total Balance (24H) Balance Allocation (%)
Ethereum $20,160,558,552.14 39.33
Tron $15,261,439,524.79 29.77
Bitcoin $9,872,892,565.20 19.26
BNB Chain $4,340,833,976.16 8.47
Arbitrum $1,037,031,628.25 2.02
Polygon $267,801,461.06 0.52
Optimism $263,799,043.43 0.51

Binance’s Balance Across Multiple Chains

The 24-hour window does reflect the positive stance of the crypto exchange. However, over the past week, it experienced a net outflow of $6.4 billion and a recessive net inflow of $5.36 billion. In the weekly time frame, a negative netflow has been recorded.



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