OKX Ventures Declares to Invest in Rage Trade

The top Web3 and crypto exchange OKX’s investment arm “OKX Ventures” has announced that it will invest in Rage Trade. Rage Trade is known as a two-footed crypto trading protocol based on Arbitrum mainnet and the Ethereum network. It enables consumers to trade perpetual swaps of ETH tokens with nearly 10x leverage.

OKX Ventures Determines to Invest in Rage Trade

The focus of the protocol is to develop the comprehensively liquid and the sole omni-chain perpetual swaps for ETH driven by UNI. The core features and products thereof take into account perpetual swaps of ETH, liquidity recycled by omnichain, and yield-providing 80-20 vaults. Dora Yue, the founder of OKX, made comments on this development. Dora mentioned that the platform is thrilled to take part in the respective investment.

Rage Trade’s V2 Perpetual Contract Will Innovate Decentralized Derivatives, Says OKX Founder

Dora also disclosed that Rage Trade provides a prominent delta-neutral strategy with which the company can efficiently assist GLP consumers in managing the price volatility-related risk. In addition to this, Dora asserted that the next v2 version of the perpetual contract of Rage Trade is anticipated to be considerably beneficial.

As per Dora, the respective version can potentially turn into a dark horse for the market of decentralized derivatives with the innovation that it brings with it. OKX plays the role of a well-known tech platform that offers the most dependable and rapid crypto trading for professional traders and investors around the world.

The crypto exchange platform of OKX is categorized as the 2nd-biggest platform in terms of trading volume. The prominent self-custody solutions provided by OKX take into account the OKX Wallet that is compatible with Web3. The wallet permits consumers to have enhanced control of their assets.



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