Crypto Roller-Coaster: The Top 10 Most Volatile Coins of the Month

  • FLEX experienced the highest volatility and significant price surge.
  • Several coins saw dramatic shifts in rankings and market dynamics.
  • Caution and research are essential in the highly dynamic cryptocurrency market.

In a riveting twist, the last 30 days in the cryptocurrency market have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Notably, a handful of coins have seen significant volatility, causing a seismic shift in rankings and market dynamics.

Flexing the Volatility Muscle

At the top of the list, FLEX outshines the rest with a jaw-dropping 61.4% volatility in the past month. Astonishingly, its price rose to $2.59, driving a 256% surge in its market value. Consequently, the coin’s market cap stands at a solid $256 million. Currently, the principal exchange platform for FLEX is BKEX.

Moreover, other coins are grappling with their dramatic shifts. OVR, for instance, clocked a 53.4% volatility with a modest price of $0.352. Despite the turbulence, it saw a 26% growth, taking its market cap to $18.1 million. However, unlike FLEX, it’s primarily traded on

Underdogs Stir the Pot

Akash Network and ABBC Coin are also part of this tumultuous list. Specifically, Akash Network, with a volatility of 50.9%, and ABBC Coin, at 47.3%, saw their prices soar to $0.481 and $0.171, respectively. They managed to amass market caps of $94 million and $171 million while actively trading on Kucoin and Huobi.

Besides these, despite their volatility, Multichain and ArbDoge AI saw a substantial decrease in their market values. Multichain’s value slipped by 57.3%, whereas ArbDoge AI fell by 53.9%. Significantly, both coins are currently traded on Binance and Huobi, respectively.

Arpa, Linear, SUI, and Pepe also showcased high volatility levels. With a 37.8% volatility, Arpa saw a 10.7% decrease in its market value. On the other hand, Linear, with a volatility of 33.6%, recorded a 66.8% increase.

To sum up, these cryptocurrencies’ wild fluctuations underline the market’s highly dynamic nature. Hence, caution and research are as crucial as courage in this digital wild West.



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